Franchises are a Great Option for a Business Venture


July 22nd, 2022

28 mins 14 secs

Season 3

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So many different ways that you can buy! Over 4,000 franchise brands out there across 40 industries.

*4 main reasons people start businesses:

  1. more money than they're making
  2. flexibility (e.g. take your kids to school)
  3. freedom to make your own decisions
  4. fulfillment

Check out a franchise: Stroller moms - for new moms. Organize outings for kids in strollers.

Franchise doesn't equal lack of freedom! Playbook done for you. You just need to execute to precision. That's exactly what military is trained to do!

Stacey Marmolejo is the creator of Franchise Prep Academy, an unbiased course in which military personnel, veterans and their spouses are armed with the knowledge necessary to buy a franchise business that brings personal satisfaction and job fulfillment in a second career after military service.

Few tips:

  • leverage your purchase
  • diversify for different income streams
  • start with a smaller one, then the 2nd one

Stacey also volunteers her time mentoring vets interested in entrepreneurship. She has also been featured in Veteran on the Move, Franchise Times, CBS, Fox News, Authority magazine, Buzzfeed, and Yahoo Finance!

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Bootcamp - goal is to learn about the franchise business.

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