Jane Hogan: Health & Wealth Go Together


July 10th, 2020

26 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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Auto-immune desease is connected to gut health! Did you know??

More About Jane:
Jane Hogan, "The Wellness Engineer," designs personalized solutions for women who want to take control of joint pain naturally, regain freedom to thrive confidently and live their best life.

Her personal experience of overcoming crippling rheumatoid arthritis using natural solutions inspired her to leave a nearly 30-year engineering career and become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Through Jane Hogan Health, Jane applies her engineering problem-solving skills to help others build a solid foundation of mind-body wellness and design their own unique path back to strength, vitality and freedom.

Hogan is the creator of Wonderful Fine: A Mind-Body Wellness Program, helping others see that optimal health is achieved by intentionally designing a life based on what our own body needs.

Jane has inspired over 150,000 people to take control of their health with natural solutions and has been featured on multiple media outlets.