Tatiana Tsoir is a numbers expert for people who are anxious about money, numbers and taxes. Through her bite-sized, plain-English and straight-to-brain talk, she's here to shake up your approach to all-things-numbers, while making it all feel easy and doable. Her insights have been featured on the Daily CPA blog, and her YouTube Channel is getting more and more subscribers daily.

Don't get fooled by all the other work she does because she IS a hardcore accountant and loves taxes. Tatiana's adoring clients have called her an "accounting genius" and one guy even said "she is THE accountant to watch in 2020". When she's not geeking out on tax and accounting stuff, she loves to spend time with her family, watching Law & Order and running after her Rhodesian Ridgeback pup.

Tatiana says: Transform your passion into a business that doesn't make you cringe when it comes to numbers and taxes. And learn from the best.

Tatiana Tsoir has hosted 131 Episodes.