With only the funds from his tax return in 2016, Trivelle
started The Drive Group and has since grown it into a
multi million dollar company. His history of working in
start up environments across varying industries helped
him to develop the skill of identifying smart risks, and
knowing when to step back and when to push forward.
Today, The Drive Group invests in start ups and real estate, helping to bring the next big thing to life.

Current or Future projects that you want to share with me and/or the audience:
Depending on air date, we are wrapping up our Drive250 contest in June, where we are awarding a $250,000 investment to a startup.
Beyond that, we are always looking for exciting new businesses to partner with, or funds that want to work together to complete deals.

If you have a One Sheet, please upload it here. See you at the interview.
Your Social Media Handles (IG, Twitter, FB, etc)
IG: @thedrivegroupinc
Facebook: @thedrivegroupinc
Youtube: youtube.com/@thedrivegroup

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