Susie deVille is on a mission to help entrepreneurs discover an easier path to success by leveraging the surprising power of inspiration and
creativity. She has been researching and working in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity for more than 15 years.
In 2006, she began blending the worlds of entrepreneurship, art, anthropology, travel/flâneuring, and coaching into life- and
business-changing experiences that are deeply transformational.
Susie is an entrepreneur coach, author, and speaker, and the Founder & CEO of the Innovation & Creativity Institute.
She helps entrepreneurs claim their creativity, vision, and voice & build exceptional, aligned enterprises.

Current or Future projects: I am currently finishing the final drafts of my first book (I am not revealing the title yet) which will be published by Page Two
in September of 2022. If listeners are interested in free, weekly content on how to get unstuck and find success and freedom in their
business and personal lives, they may sign up at

Overall message or theme you want to focus on during your interview: Entrepreneurs and creators who crave success and freedom, but are
stuck and riddled with self-doubt do not need more productivity, better strategies, and/or better management. They need unbridled
access to inspiration and creativity.

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