At the age of 28 (a week off from 29), I got a wonderful bday present of a diagnosis called infertility. I was depressed and anxious and angry and scared
and all the emotions (even some happiness—because I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to go through a pregnancy—I just knew it was “time”).
Fast forward through 10 years, I became a mother through adoption. Even though we fast forward, those were 10 excruciating, depressing
years. I’m in the best place for me! if you aren’t in the best place for you, don’t go through what I went through. You aren’t alone in
this journey. I’m here to help!

Current or Future projects that you want to share with me and/or the audience: Launching a 30 day course for those walking the infertility
journey by way of IVF as well as a 14 day course for those finishing up the IVF cycle with a loss.

Overall message or theme you want to focus on during your interview: I just want to help. You are not alone in your journey!

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