Having assisted her clients in reaching millionaire status using her unique ability to create a lead generation strategy while consulting on the
organizational structure of the company, Jessica knows what it takes to achieve your growth goals, all while enjoying the important
work/life balance. Owning, scaling, and selling businesses, helping clients do the same, all while raising two active boys has prepared
Jessica to be the greatest guide and accountability “partner” you could have in your business.

I'd love for anyone interested to join my facebook group - imperfection rocks where I share business tips on taking imperfect
action to succeed. I frequently offer free downloads on time management, goal setting and accountability, and business strategies.
I also answer questions and love helping new and growing entrepreneurs discover the challenges that are in their way and pivot to their

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. There are a number of ways that I look at my day that enable me to smoothly manage all of the
foreseen (and unforeseen) demands that any given day can throw at me. I'll share 5 things I do to help me pivot and manage all of the days
activities (even when I'm juggling running 3 companies, a family, and volunteering - we all have 24 hours and there are ways to get it all
done and stay sane and in control!).


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