Daniel Olexa coaches Dead People.
He brings them back to life by breathing new energy into their current creation of self, as they exhale the waste of their past.

He is a 3-time Amazon #1 Bestselling author, life coach trainer, keynote speaker, award-winning hypnotherapist, holistic entrepreneur, and Transcendent Living coach serving international clients from his home base in Sonoma County, CA.

Current or Future projects that you want to share with me and/or the audience:
I am creating a new 8 week course for living a Transcendent Life.

It blooms out of the basics that I discussed in my free e-book, The 3 Keys to Transcendent Living.

Overall message or theme you want to focus on during your interview:
Navigating the "have to do's" and reframing them so that it is possible to create the "I want to do's"

Social Media Handles:
IG: danielolexa_ctht_pcc
Facebook: Daniel Olexa CIHt-PCC
LinkedIn: Daniel Olexa, CIHt, PCC

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