Ashley Armstrong aka ‘The Hidden Rules Expert’ - I help established product companies so they can find millions of dollars they are leaving on the table by leveraging the power of Amazon.

I’m Ashley – former pro skier, mother, and Amazon Sales Growth Consultant.
I help growth-ready entrepreneurs, companies, & celebrities, launch & scale to 8 figures through Amazon using proven product strategy positioning.

You’ve found yourself in the right place if you.
✔️ Have a product that is already working or will work on Amazon
✔️ Have one or more products that could be complementary to one another
✔️ Are ready to expand your distribution channel to drastically accelerate growth

Problem is, you’re not sure how to get there:
❌ You don’t have a strategy to maximize your Amazon rank + revenue
❌ You’re unsure how to optimize your listings, setup, marketing, and ad
❌ You don’t know how to ensure long-term success with scaling +
❌ You do not know how to discover your customers path to purchase and drive them to your website and social profiles.

I’ve helped dozens of clients scale their growth on Amazon to 7 figures and beyond while getting featured in CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX…
…having clients’ products reach "Show"-level notoriety (I fangirled a little)...
…and even one sellers revenue tripling to billions with a single strategy (crazy, I know).

Through my proven Amazon Sales-Scaling 4P Method I:
1️⃣ Collaborate and train your PEOPLE with step-by-step strategies. Keeping investment in house!
2️⃣ Solidify Branding, messaging, positioning, implementing a customer retention strategy
3️⃣ Structured ad campaign to allow scaling, to dominate niche for paid and organic ranking
4️⃣ Dominate your product categories while tripling your revenue
(without new products or inventory investment)

Want to learn how I can increase your Amazon sales?

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