A heart-centered, metalhead, business strategist is a thing, and you're about to meet her …

As a transformational brand strategist, Amber Swenor helps business leaders live and lead in authenticity. Amber is the founder of Soul
Seed, a brand strategy, coaching and marketing firm that helps elevate conscious leaders and companies by implementing

She grew her business to over $1m in under four years and is passionate about helping creative visionaries, and particularly women,
to create businesses that bring greater freedom, joy, profit and wealth.

She's a global speaker, business trainer and author of Unleashed: A Been There Rocked Guide to Radical Authenticity in Life and Business.
When she’s not strategizing with clients or speaking on stages, you’ll find her rocking with her metal band, Morningstar.

Current or Future projects: Book launch coming in Feb 2022: UNLEASHED: A been there
rocked that guide to radical authenticity in life and business launching Soul Seed CBD business

Overall message: Authenticity as a root for expansion, joy, greater profit. Authenticity is not a buzz word or fad but a way of business.
My journey in overcoming these ideas that I had to have split personalities or "people wouldn't take me seriously in business,"
because I'm also the front woman in a metal band - and the more that I've owned my soul-truth the greater joy, connection & biz growth it's

A few challenges in my journey (in case it's useful): major money limiting beliefs/blocks -having grown up working class poor, first in
my fam to graduate HS and then also college - a lot of money beliefs to shift in order to step into next level of leadership & expansion in
my biz. Losing $$ during start of pandemic plus then losing almost 6 figures to bookeeper error (fraud) - and the resilience to come back from it.


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