About the show

This podcast is for almost-preneurs - visionaries who are already or know they want to be their own boss. Get inspired by success stories of dreamers like you and entrepreneurs in the making, get insights into the world of being your own boss and making money doing what you love. On this show, we bring guest experts with cool life and business stories, expertise and experience in a variety of unexpected industries. Listen in as Tatiana Tsoir, Mom of 2, author of Dream Bold, Start Smart, founder of a boutique CPA firm Linza Advisors, Runner Up at the Global 2018 Firm of the Future Contest by Intuit, turned Mom Pivot Coach, learning junkie and a tax geek, shares inspiring client stories, case studies and lessons you can learn from. Every episode will bring you a take away, an action step for you to take to change your life. Stop waiting for your dream to happen, make it happen, start NOW.

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